Aromatherapy massage and lymphatic drainage.

Usually essential oils are applied to the body during this type of massage treatment. The effect of the oils is twofold. Firstly, they penetrate the skin and secondly, their aroma is inhaled by the patient. The aromas stimulate the brain and cause a positive effect on the nervous and glandular systems.  At the same time the massage stimulates the lymphatic system and helps the body flush toxins and residual chemicals by stimulating the flow of lymph in the body.  This is very effective in alleviating body stress and swelling muscle tissue.

Foot reflexology.

Refelexology treatment is based on the theory that certain areas or reflex points affect organs, glands and in fact the complete functioning of the body. By massaging or applying pressure to these areas or points it is possible to reduce stress symptoms such as headaches, insomnia and so on.


Acupuncture is one of the oldest medical treatments known, or about 5000 years old. If the flow of energy in the body becomes imbalanced, this can lead to illness if it is not counteracted. The acupuncture  treatment is applied by penetrating the skin at  appropriate locations with special needles. This is used both as preventive treatment and to treat existing symptoms.


This treatment is based on the same philosophy as acupuncture, but in this case finger pressure is applied instead of the neddle punctures. With this age-old method it is possible to restore energy balance in the body and improve the ability of the body to heal itself. This treatment is also very effective in relieving many kinds of long-term pain such as backaches, stiff necks, headaches and many others.

Swedish massage.

This is classical massage for general relaxation. It is applied by hand to the body using long strokes, kneading and stretching of muscles. Normally, light massage oils are used with the treatment. The pressure applied may vary to suit the sensitivity of the individual person being treated.

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